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Software Development On The iPhone

St. Cloud, Minnesota - April 30, 2008 - An experienced software development team is seeking funding to bring networked applications for Mac / Windows / Linux to the iPhone using their new cross-platform engines, Bang 2D and Bang3D.

The current software marketplace is witnessing the convergence of two trends; the popularity of networked software applications and the arrival of the iPhone as a standard mobile platform. Plaid World is set to take advantage of this opportunity with its cross-platform development tools.

With years of experience, Plaid World believes in designing tools and technology geared towards solving a class of problems versus one-shot application solutions. To this end they have developed two robust, multi-platform software engines allowing for:

• Rapid Development Cycles.
• Development with small teams, minimizing development costs and maximizing revenue potential.
• Simultaneously release across multiple platforms.

The purpose of these tools is to level the playing field between creative teams and programmers, allowing the development of full-featured software with little or no traditional programming.

With Bang 2D and Bang 3D, Plaid World is primed and ready to rocket into position as a leading mobile application developer. Plaid World is seeking interested parties to invest funds needed to get its software ready for the first round of iPhone applications made available to the public.

Plaid World Studios LLC is a Limited Liability Company located in St. Cloud, MN. Plaid World has published multiple products beginning with Final Impact in 1993.

Parties interested in learning more about Plaid World LLC, BANG 2D and BANG 3D should contact Plaid World Studios at

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