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Mouse House
Puzzle Adventure

Use your best-laid plans to puzzle your way through clever traps, hidden dangers and sneaky foes to collect all the cheese and move on to the next level.

Use your environment to block stingers and wind your way to the top of the house. Mouse House's touch control lets you point your way through 56 levels of challenging and addictive puzzle fun!

"Mouse House is a very adorable and suprisingly complicated
puzzle game"

Mouse House
Mouse House
Mouse House
Mouse House

  • Intuitive touch based controls: Touch the screen to make Mouse move a space in that direction, or hold your finger down to keep him moving along.
  • Classic puzzle fun!
  • A lively cast of adorable critters
  • Power up with fireballs you launch with a tap of a button
  • 56 levels of challenging puzzles to keep the fun going!

NEW in Version 1.1.2:

User Requested Features:

  • Music
  • New levels
  • Three save game slots
  • Level select screen
  • Swipe Control is now default
  • Adjusted learning curve by reordering levels

NEW in Version 1.1:

New control systems based on YOUR input:

  • Tap control - tap the screen where you would like to move the Mouse
  • Swipe-based control - swipe your finger anywhere on the screen to move the Mouse

Sound FX:

  • Sound effects have been added!
  • Sound effects can play over your music. |

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